Tips to Create the Perfect Teen Bedroom

Tips to Create the Perfect Teen Bedroom

The teenage years are full of highlights and their fair share of strife. Giving your teen a safe and fun space to relax and unwind can be key as they navigate these years. Creating the perfect teen bedroom will look different for each child, but there are a few tips that can help you as you begin.

Keep It Simple

Gone are the days of over-the-top themes. As your teen grows, their interests will change and expand quickly—particularly if they get caught in the wave of the next new trend. An overtly themed room will quickly appear childish and will not grow with your teen. 

Color Block

Teen rooms don’t benefit from direct themes the way that young children’s rooms will, but that doesn't mean your teen’s room needs to be boring and look like an adult’s abode. Consider bold swatches of color in the form of color blocking. This will give a youthful and fun appearance to the room while keeping it simple and sophisticated enough for a growing teen.

Use Bold Patterns

Neutral colors and a small amount of color blocking can serve as an excellent base to allow a few bold patterns to shine. Geometric shapes or sketched patterns are perfect accents in your teen’s space. Allow your teen to express their personal style by choosing the pattern that is right for them, just remember to use this as a true accent for a punch of excitement. This will keep the room balanced.

Add Teen-Friendly Sophistication

Typical teenage decor like posters and collages certainly have a place in your teen’s room. To keep the room cohesive and able to grow with your teen, add some teen-friendly sophistication by creating visual boundaries for your teen’s wall decor. Purchase poster frame’s for your teen’s favorite posters and find creative ways for your teen to hang their favorite photos and memorabilia. Photo string lights, framed cork boards and other wall features can allow your teen a way to display their ticket stubs and photos without overtaking the room.

Focus on Lighting

A great teen room isn’t just about the decor style. Like any thoughtfully decorated room, lighting is key. Lighting in a teen’s room should be practical—allowing your teen to easily complete homework and other activities, as well as fun. Keep things fun and interesting by adding string lights or colorful LED light strips. Add practicality by utilizing desk and floor lamps for ample lighting in key areas.

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